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Impressive Features

Big Blue People has created impressive features to provide you with a great experience!

Simple Account Creation

Create your account with just a few simple steps and earn income or book a service!

Verified Professionals

All of the professionals are verified professionals. No spam and no fake profiles.

Easily Ask for Free Quote!

Quotes requests are free. You will only pay at the time you book a professional!

Reviews & Ratings

Check the professional experience, reviews and ratings before you book them.

All in One App

Through the BBP app you can book services or provide services with an impressive and flexible availablility management booking system.

Increase Your Income Today!

Are you a service professional? Join us today and begin transforming your experience and time to income! Your service provide profile views will increase once you deliver your first services, and will translate into increase income and bookings.

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Big Blue People app an impressive mobile app that we created to make your life easier when offering your professional services or booking services.