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Big Blue People is available for mobile phones: Android, iOS, and Desktops through our Webpage. We are a fast growing platform where you will be able to increase your income in a smart way, offer your services in any location and also book professionals instantly.

Big Blue People is based in three of the most important countries in Latin America: Colombia, Argentina and Brasil, and expanding. We want to make people life easier, if you are a professional or a client looking to book a service, we are here for you! There are more than 20,000+ users all around these countries that will be excited to offer their services through Big Blue People. Big Blue People Founder and CEO Mr. Gustavo Huenelaf foresees the arrival of a digital services marketplace where all the services can be offered and booked in just one place. Through our Big Blue People App we change the way we hire services today, while benefit the professionals and clients booking their services.

Our Features

Big Blue People has attractive features which makes your experience using our application, offering or booking services easier

Find a professional near you!

Big Blue People allows you to find professionals near you! A list of all professionals, available services, location, price and details are easily dispplay and ready for you to select!

Check the professional profile before booking services

Big Blue People onboards only professionals that meet our requirements (e.g., Government ID is requested, along with professional certifications and requirements that are different per city, country). Our commitment to you: we want have the trust and confidence to know who are hiring in advance. The more badges the service professional has, the more trustable they are.

Book a professional instantly!

Big Blue People has a fast booking process through which you can save you time. We encourage our professionals to be responsive with the clients and we show their response time for your convenience.

Our Mission

Big Blue People mission is to connect people who need a service, with professionals who can offer a high-quality service, creating a trusted marketplace. We strive to create a trusted marketplace by empowering people through the use of technology. Our goal is to increase the professionals income where they can offer their unique skills, increase visibility of their services, while providing the best quality-price combinations to clients.

Our Vision

"Imagine a world where all services can be offered or chosen from the Big Blue People Marketplace"

Our Values

We believe in people, and we believe we will make a difference by changing the way the services transactions are made, where a person who has a skill to offer a service will have the same opportunities to reach potential customers that an established company. Our values are based on the following:

Trust: We build trust through actions. Trust is key to our success. Offering transparency in our operations and our goals is the basis to create a long-term trusted relationship with all our stakeholders.

Inclusion: Including every person that can offer a professional service is essential, we do not have any bias for person's origin, gender, beliefs or preferences.

Transparency: By providing visibility to the different services offered, prices, and reviews, we are creating a community that provides a fair price at a great service level.

Integrity: Do the right thing and be fair with all the stakeholders involved.

By serving our customers, we serve our society: By making it easier for people to access services, or to offer their services, we are making our society a better place to live in.

Our Story

This story began with our founder, an Argentinian financial professional, who had the chance to live and work in different countries in South America and Europe. He earned his EMBA and with all that knowledge and practice in several cities through South America, Asia, and Europe, he emabarked on a mission to be a change maker.

The inspiration came from the struggles experienced while moving from country to country. While traveling to the different university campuses every month to study, he realized there was common struggles accross countries. In every country he went, he had to ask for advice to get a new house cleaner, a new masseur, a new doctor, a new electrician; and then checking whether their location was convenient, if they were trusted professionals and negotiating price, was a struggle. Those struggles, brought up questions that lead him to create a trusted marketplace Big Blue People for hiring and offering services, so no matter where you move, you know that through Big Blue People you will find a trusted professional.

This was a great idea! But what to do next? He needed a team. He was lucky enough to meet great people who saw his vision and supported his vision.  They were on-board without any hesitation. Today we have a great team multidisciplinary and multicultural experienced team with members from Argentina, Colombia, India, Mexico, Ireland, Russia and Brazil and continously growing and welcoming new members to this great community of Big Blue People!

What motivates us? We are a team made mainly of people coming from developing economies. We know first hand the challenges in our countries, and want to give the tools to people that are not normally within the formal economy to offer their services, making this as an extra source of income for them. Also, making people’s life easier by allowing them to find the right professional, at the right price in a convenient location, conveniently in one place through the Big Blue People application.

​​We did a survey to test the Big Blue People trusted maket place idea, in which we got answers across three different continents (America, Europe, and Asia). Participants showed interest in taking part of this new movement. If you are a professional that would like to be part of this movement, please leave your details with us. We went live second quarter of the year 2019!

​We are a team, which hopes, to initiate a movement like the below leadership video:

This is just the beginning of the story of Big Blue People. To be continue…


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Big Blue People app an impressive mobile app that we created to make your life easier when offering your professional services or booking services.

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