Instalación/reparación de Aires y Heladeras.


Instalación y reparación de aire acondicionadores

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Cancellation by Client In the event that a Client cancels the reservation of the service confirmed by a Professional (hereinafter, the "Scheduled Service"), he may do so within the strict cancellation policy described below, preselected by the Professional at the time of adding their Services, in Big Blue People (BBP). The modality for the cancellation processed by the Client is: - Amount to be reimbursed: 50%, excluding the BBP fee. - Minimum Time Limit to cancel the Scheduled Service and apply for a refund: 7 (seven) days prior to cancellation. - BBP rate: 3% to be paid by the Client. and applied under the following conditions: a) The Client shall receive the refund of the amount paid (reserved) for the Scheduled Service excluding the service fee of Big Blue People (BBP Fee) as mentioned before (hereinafter – “Refundable Amount”); the BBP Fee covers the processing fee of the bank. b) Big Blue People shall be entitled to hold the whole cancellation amount paid by the Client in case of received complaints; c) The Professional shall be entitled to claim for the payment in case of the Scheduled Service had already been given to the Client, but the payment is not transferred to (received by) the Professional in reasonable time; d) In case of failure of the Professional to perform the Scheduled Service, the Client shall be entitled to claim for return of the full amount paid by the Client; herewith, the BBP Fee and the processing fee of the bank shall be reimbursed by the Professional within the possible shortest time and may be deducted by Big Blue People from further earnings of the Professional; e) The Scheduled Service shall be considered as officially canceled when the Client filled in the respective field with strong and meaningful reasons regarding cancellation and press the cancellation button on the cancellation confirmation page (window) generated by the system; f) In case a User (Client or Professional) has a complaint about unilateral change of the agreed location, timing and/or price, or quality of the Service, abuse, behavior or any other reason, then such User shall give a notice to Big Blue People within 24 hours from the starting time of the Scheduled Service or from the moment of occurrence of such circumstance; g) In case of any dispute between the Users Big Blue People may take a final decision based on its own experience and opinion within 48 hours following the acceptance of the dispute for settling; herewith, Big Blue People has the right to ask the Users for evidence or proofs which shall be provided by the Users but not bound to Big Blue People; h) The Scheduled Service cannot be canceled outside the specified time for Cancellation; in such case, the Client shall not be eligible for any refund. Cancellation by Professional The Professional is entitled to cancel the Scheduled Service according to the following conditions: a) If the Professional cancels the Scheduled Service, the full amount shall be refunded to the Client; However, the Professional shall provide strong and meaningful reasons for any cancellation (e.g., illness, electricity blackout, Acts of God, etc.); b) Big Blue People will not charge the Professional with any penalties against first and second cancellation made by the Client within 6 (six) calendar months; c) If the Professional makes 3 (third) cancelation of the Scheduled Service within 6 (six) calendar months, the account of such Professional may be blocked by Big Blue People. In order to unblock its account, the Professional shall pay to Big Blue People the penalty of 17%, belonging to the price of the canceled Scheduled Services, and reimburse the processing fees of the bank in the shortest possible time; d) Any amounts payable to Big Blue People or processing fees of the bank may be deducted by Big Blue People from Professional’s earnings; e) In case the Professional’s profile has five (5) “One Star” ratings, which is considered that the Professional needs to improve the quality of his service, then Professional’s account may be blocked by Big Blue People. The Professional can ask for help from Big Blue People, but the latter cannot guarantee that the Professional’s account will be reset again.

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