How can I sign into Big Blue People?

We have a simple registering process. If you are in Argentina just download our app from Play Store (Android), and soon from Apple Store (iOS), and create your profile, if not, just fill our home page contact form. One of our team members will contact you to assist you.

How can I offer my services in Big Blue People?

We are in launching phase in Argenitna and we will launch our mobile app and web platform very soon in other countries. Through it, you can become one of the first 1000 professionals to get some attractive benefits from Big Blue People. Register now!

Your contact form is not working anymore

We are sorry for the inconvenience. We will fix it as soon as possible. In this case, you can always email us at info@bigbluepeople.com. 

If I am a professional, can I also book services at Big Blue People?

Yes, you can switch your profile anytime to client and book professionals at any place or any country.

What type of services can I offer through Big Blue People?

At Big Blue People you can offer various types of services: Caregiving, Massages, Painting, Plumbing, Pet care, Music Classes, Dance Classes, Fitness Classes, Consulting, Food services, Technical Assistance, Vehicle Maintenance, Photography, Event Planning and many more. However, there will be some services for which you need to upload some valid certificates which will be verified by the Big Blue People Team to ensure that your clients will get what they are looking for on our trustworthy platform.

How much do I have to pay to add my services to Big Blue People?

This is totally Free. Create your account and add your services on Big Blue People. You will get a notification when you get booked.

How will I get paid if I get booked?

Big Blue People will have a secure and easy payment process. You will be paid once the service is completed successfully on certain date of the week or month, straight to your registered bank account*.

In what countries will Big Blue People be?

Big Blue People is currently available in Argentina, soon in Colombia and Brasil, where you will be able to offer and book your services easily.

How can I use Big Blue People?

To use Big Blue People you must have an Android or iOS based smartphone. If not, you can get in through web browsers. You will get an email notification when someone books you.

What type of verification do I need to do before offering my services?

To offer your services you must verify your mobile number, email, and you must add your active bank account details to receive the payments through Big Blue People. We will never share any of your details with a third party to keep  your personal information safe.

We will be in your city soon!

Big Blue People app an impressive mobile app that we created to make your life easier when offering your professional services or booking services.