What type of verification do I need to do before offering my services?

To offer your services, you must verify your identity with the validation of your phone number and identification, the verification of your experience (or skills depending on the category), and the content uploaded to Big Blue People of your services. These verifications are performed by our team, so it can take up to 24 hours (a little longer on holidays / non-working days).

Is it mandatory to be a permanent resident of the country where I offer my services?

No, you do not need to be a permanent resident of the country where you want to offer your services. However, you must have a local mobile phone number and a bank account to start offering your services.

In what currency will my bank account receive the payment?

BBP will transfer the amount earned in the local currency of your bank account.

What other benefits will I have when using BBP as a Professional?

 - Your clients will be able to search for you quickly.
 - You will interact with your clients clearing their doubts before getting booked.
 - You can offer special prices for your potential customers.
 - You can create custom offers for your services.
 - You can offer your service in packages with attractive prices.
 - We have immediate booking features that allow clients to hire your service without your approval, if they fulfill the criteria you specified for those features.

What happens if someone is using a fake profile?

BBP has a strong process to make sure there are no fake profiles on the platform. If someone is using the application in a wrong manner, we do have a report user option at the profile. Big Blue People will take strict action to avoid this kind of user.

Does BBP perform directly the services?

BBP connects you with professionals that offer their services. We serve as a bridge between the client and the professional.

How does professional ranking work?

BBP want you to have as much information as possible about the professionals. Based on their achievements they get more visibility and you can evaluate the best options by viewing their profile ratings and reviews.