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Once your services have been completed, Big Blue People will pay the amount received from your customer to you, minus a small commission fee, directly to your bank account. If the cash option is available, you will get paid directly from your customer, in which case, you will pay the commission fee to Big Blue People

About Us

We are a fast growing service marketplace, widely active and available in Brazil, Colombia, Argentina and expanding. Our goal is bring together professional and client and build a trustworthy community.

With our presence in Argentina, Brasil, Colombia and growing; our objective is to bring together a community with trust services which are offered between professionals and clients, all while have a resilent social platform through Big Blue Peple with thousands of users.

Our commitment to providing our users an excellent customer service experience is fundamental. That's why we strive to make sure that all of our professionals continually offer great quality services which are further attest by the reviews of their clients. We pride ourselves in daily verification of our professionals, to make sure that our clients have a peace of mind. This is how together we have created an incredible social network through our Facebook and Instagram social sites, embracing a trusted relationship between the professionals and clients.

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We are growing! Today we are in Argentina, Brazil, and Colombia. We are coming soon to your favorite spot!


223 Professionals


223 Professionals


223 Professionals


223 Professionals


223 Professionals


223 Professionals

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