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This is a space dedicated to the continuous training and development of the professionals and users of Big Blue People. With the vision that they remain committed to our vision and mission in the way of offering and requesting services. You will find information of interest made by our researchers, collaborators, as well as the ambassadors of the categories in Big Blue People network. We are visionaries and will continue to provide the latest technology and customer service experience.

Big Blue People Community

Big Blue People: Is the new App that will transform the service industry

August 15th, 2019   The new platform has already being downloaded by thousands of users, pr...

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Reached more customers offers different forms of payments

5 June 2019 Today, users who are distrustful of payments made through the Internet are left in the ...

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The verification test of the Big Blue People platform

25 April 2019 Part of the process of the online start-up of a digital platform, contemplates in its...

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The Professionals that offer their service in a digital platform

10 April 2019 The labor market is not exempt from the transformations that have been taking place i...

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Keys to have a reliable profile and to attract customers

April 5th, 2019 The development of digital platforms has brought with it certain doubts when creati...

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How to offer a service in 5 easy steps?

27 March, 2019   The uncertainty of how to offer a service is usually a headache for professi...

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The best way for you to organize your work schedule

20 March 2019 Time is an indispensable part of the tasks of the human being, there are many times y...

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All the basics that a freelancer must know

13 March, 2019 According to data from Indec, the modalities of higher labor growth in recent years ...

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Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

How innovation opened the doors of companies to the future

20 February 2019 Some years ago we saw the future as a distant and cosmic entity. A little thanks t...

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