The future leading market place for services 
A new digital platform that will transform service contracting.

The future leading market place for services A new digital platform that will transform service contracting.

A painter, a plumber, an electrician, someone to take care of our children or walk our dog. The needs are there and we don’t always have the recommendation of a friend on hand.

Big Blue People was born to become the leading platform for services contracting in Latin America. A digital community that connects hundreds of professionals with their potential clients, in a safe and reliable environment.

In a market in which more than 150 million people make purchases online, Big Blue People launches its platform with 10 categories in 3 of the most important countries in the region: Argentina, Brazil and Colombia. Beauty, technical assistance, auto mechanics, dog walk, are some of the services that their 1,000,000 projected clients in the first year will be able to hire through their website or their App for Android and iOS.

At BBP, an easy registration process allows experts to publish their services, manage their agendas, interact with interested people, build their reputation and charge a fair price. Through the verification of profiles and identities and the recommendation of other clients, BBP will enable more people to be served by quality professionals.

Big Blue People also comes to give a framework to some trades that historically have been relegated to informality. According to the International Labor Organization, the rate of informal jobs in Latin America is 53%. BBP is also a space for these workers.

With Headquarters in Switzerland and an international and multicultural team, Big Blue People came to transform service contracting in Latin America. "We are living in a digital society with an economy mobilized by digital platforms. With one click, these tools bring us closer to what we want or need, wherever we are. With Big Blue People we join this revolution and we are very happy. It was never this easy and safe to hire a service", said Gustavo Huenelaf, CEO of BBP.

We will be in your city soon!

Big Blue People app an impressive mobile app that we created to make your life easier when offering your professional services or booking services.