20 March 2019

Time is an indispensable part of the tasks of the human being, there are many times you have said, that time is money, that it does not recover, or that you need a couple of hours more in the day. Under these fundamentals is that Big Blue People proposed to offer, a platform where you can manage your agenda in the best way, which allows you to increase your productivity, based on the availability you have, as well as the goals you want to achieve.

The first basic advice to manage your schedule in a professional manner is to establish your weekly availability, and as much as possible monthly, this will allow you to expand your long-term projection. Once you have determined it, on the Big Blue People platform, you can indicate your hours of availability. But do not restrain yourself, you must be flexible, evaluating if what you are programming fits reality and if it allows you to achieve your goals.

The second advice is once you have defined the availability, you should evaluate the activities and services that you will offer, this allows you to assign the time that each one requires, as well as to evaluate priorities. It is a form that you can visualize in detail the times, and having these aspects clear, you can publish in the platform of Big Blue People the services that you will offer, define the hours, as well as contemplate a margin of time of reservation for any contingency or novelty. This will lead you to forecast the number of clients you can receive, project your cash flow, and review your booking and transaction statistics.

Finally, carry out the service within the programmed, will allow you to comply with the work plan that you have already traced; so it is advisable to avoid distracting elements that affect the development and duration of service. This benefits you in the productivity and effectiveness of the hours you planned for your agenda, and more when the client is also managing their time.

Remember that Big Blue People seeks, that when you offer your service, you generate the customer an entire experience; the client will feel satisfied, if the service was performed in the estimated time and at the indicated time, without longer waiting times. This leads to your reach with potential customers increase, thanks to the comments and evaluations that will make your service.

So you must see time as your best ally, which under the right tools, will allow you to maximize your service projection. This is one of the reasons why the Big Blue People platform contemplates the agenda in its interface, so you can manage your activities in the best way, and achieve the development of your enterprise as an independent worker.

Are you ready to schedule your service on the Big Blue People agenda?

Héber Hernández
Big Blue Tracker

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