27 March, 2019


The uncertainty of how to offer a service is usually a headache for professionals, especially when you are starting an enterprise, where long processes and requirements make it difficult on the one hand for new business projects to emerge, as well as diminishing the scope of new ones customers to established service providers. Based on this mentioned problem, the Big Blue People Platform, designed a simple system in the digital application, so that you publish your services and reach all your objectives.

The first step when you open the application and select add service, is oriented to the general data of the service you will offer, which would be the geographical location, the category in which it corresponds, which can be: home, health, beauty, technology, multimedia. Also, you must choose the title with which you will offer the service, so the recommendation is that you make it as attractive as possible, since it is how your future clients will see you. Finally, define the cancellation policy, in case a client decides to cancel a reservation. By the way, do not forget to indicate, if you want to accept immediate reservations.

The second step is to select the address where you will offer the service, if you have your space, you can indicate it precisely on the map of the platform; or if you wish to perform the service where the client requests it, you must indicate the distance to where you can travel; being an important point, so that you consider the time you must take to move and how to get there.

You reach the third step, this corresponds to the availability you will have to offer your service, indicating the convenient days and times, the advantage offered by the Big Blue People platform, is that you can indicate the time slot day by day; so you have more control of your agenda.

The fourth step is one of the most important, is to put the cost at your service. Here you must define if you will perform a single service or if you will offer a package. For the single service, you will describe in a clear and attractive way what is the activity you do, remember that it is the text that a user who is interested in the service will see; later you will put the price, this corresponds completely to you as a professional; and finally, you add the duration of the service.

In the event that you wish to offer service packages, you must perform the same procedure, only you can establish two or three packages according to your criteria: basic, standard, premium. Assigning the characteristics for each one, as well as the relative costs.  Keep in mind that Big Blue People does not put a cost on your work, as well as the fact that you can offer your service under different schemes, is a competitive advantage that allows the platform.

And the last step, is the visual way of how you will sell your product, here it refers to the images that you will upload on the platform, corresponding to the service, that allow the user you want to capture, to have a greater vision of your work, so which is advisable to be clear, with good definition and attractive. It is a great opportunity that you have for the user to choose you, and press reserve.

Once you have done the steps mentioned, you will be all ready. You only have to be aware of the notifications and see how new clients begin to contact you.

Service loaded on the platform, service that the platform approves, service published!


Heber Hernández - @heberleo
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