April 5th, 2019

The development of digital platforms has brought with it certain doubts when creating the profile, often with respect to the security of the data provided by your customers, or how to provide the most accurate information to the clients you are looking to reach.

Since security is not a one-person issue, being a global issue, Big Blue People started from all those premises, to design a digital platform. In this platform you can create a profile offering your professional service, where your data is safeguarded and validated under different security standards, as well as the data of the users that will contact you. Achieving a negotiation, where both parties are not exposed to risks and can feel safe.

In this way, there are some key points that you must also take into account, when completing your profile:

  • Having a clear profile picture, generates a click of immediate confidence with the client, it is recommended that it be a card type or shoulder / face height, without glasses or caps.
  • Make the verification of your phone number, this is very simple, you just have to add it in the profile, in a few minutes you will receive a verification code by text message, so your customers can see the badge that was verified.
  • Verify your email, entering your inbox, you will get a link that you must follow and that way it will automatically be validated.
  • Upload the documents that certify your personal data and credentials corresponding to your trade. This is key, since it provides certainty to those who want to request a service, it is the letter of presentation, and guarantee of your skill and knowledge in the area.
  • Providing a good service will speak for you, since you can keep on the platform positive comments made by your customers, and this gives a perspective of your work to other users, as they will evaluate punctuality, professionalism and commitment.

 Security is closely linked to trust, and when your identification is verified with the previous steps, you will have greater visibility. The reason for this lies in that a greater number of clients will trust you, it is a direct relation to the service requests that you will start receiving, and better still, if you fulfill all the mentioned key requirements, you will have a Big Blue People Expert profile which will boost your visibility on the platform.

Never offering a professional service had been so reliable, join Big Blue People.


Heber Hernández - @heberleo
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