10 April 2019

The labor market is not exempt from the transformations that have been taking place in the world, what used to be a service publication on a billboard, today evolves and becomes visible on your cell phone. That same evolution led professionals to consider different ways to show their offer, in turn responding to a demand from a client seeking a simpler way to request a service.

Today many people carry out their activities with their cell phone, it is relevant to know that there are more than 250 million connections with mobile phone that exists in the Latin American region, so having literally in hand a digital platform that take you to be within reach of your customers, is reason enough for you to meet Big Blue People.

The platform of Big Blue People, has a presence in Colombia, Brazil and Argentina, the latter being where the launch of the platform takes place, it offers you 3 categories (Home, Health, Beauty). In which in a first stage are at your disposal 7 profiles of professionals: Plumbers, Electricians, Caregivers of people, Masseurs, Nursing, Dog walkers, and Air conditioning technicians. These professions represent, one of the most sought after in the network according to the survey conducted by their researchers, so they are the avant-garde professionals for the launch.

As a professional who offers your service on a digital platform such as Big Blue People, you exponentially increase your visibility, since it brings you closer to more users who are looking for you; It is a great opportunity for you to offer a payment system that is not exclusively effective, and you can also manage your schedule so you manage your time.

And if you are not among the professionals mentioned above, do not worry, register here, which will soon expand the profiles that may offer their services.

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Heber Hernández - @heberleo

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