25 April 2019

Part of the process of the online start-up of a digital platform, contemplates in its scope, the verification tests of its operation, this is not more than a series of steps, which have as goal, to ensure that the program click on, what you want it to do.

Big Blue People, committed to providing you with the best service platform, established a multidisciplinary team, in charge of performing the operation tests, before putting them online. For this, the critical points and stages of test development were established and more efficiently manage the results generated.

Why testing platform made?

The goal is to provide you with an exceptional experience during the use of the platform, so for the team it is essential to explore all functionalities step by step, identify vulnerabilities, evaluate performance, and assess the interface. Also, analyze all those points that you will value as a user, and propose the improvements that make the platform more intuitive and simple. And finally, avoid unexpected behavior of the platform, by not responding to any of the actions selected during its use.

How were the tests performed?

The platform of Big Blue People, is available for Android, as well as iOS, so they deserved tests of operation in both operating systems. These were carried out under two roles: the user and the developer.

The user acts as a professional offering services, or as their client when hiring them, and displays all the functions, one by one, and records the results. On the other hand, there are the developers, who perform the integration tests of the platform, and the corrections or suggestions made by the users.

This was an activity that was carried out in a cyclical way, where every day, faults were corrected, visualization improvements were made, and tests were carried out with the payment platform.  The ultimate goal, to have a platform where you can offer your professional service in an attractive, fast and secure way.

We have good news!

The wait ended, after a hard work of 3 months, the application exceeded all tests of operation, safety and performance. So we're already close to putting the Big Blue People platform online.

Are you ready to have a wider range of clients and increase your extra income?


Heber Hernández - @heberleo

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