5 June 2019

Today, users who are distrustful of payments made through the Internet are left in the past, due to the growing global demand for services, competition, and security offered by payment platforms. Therefore, there are more professionals who feel required and seek payment methods, able to meet the needs of their customers.

In many cases, the means of online payments also offer a more complete service, quotas, promotions by purchase numbers, discounts by bank. Likewise, this as a professional speed up the problems associated with processing cash, managing and payments to suppliers.

In other words, a means of payment is essential for enterprises that want to provide their customers with the most convenient method to pay for the services they offer. In addition, the means of payment provide more secure access to money, compared to traditional bank transfers or cash on delivery.

With Big Blue People you can offer and charge your professional services online, giving the possibility to your customers to make payments from anywhere and at any time, likewise put at your disposal the facility to pay in quota your services. What gives you a great advantage and increases your reach to more customers, who want to pay the fraction amount. The best thing is that with this benefit you receive the total amount in a single payment.

The payment platform that you use in Big Blue People, is safe and fast. This was tested and configured by the technicians of the area, to give you a reliable experience. so, your customers will pay with a credit card for your service, making it essential that you load your bank details in the profile of the app, so that in the course of 10 days you are awarded to your account. It is a procedure with strict security controls, where personal and banking data are protected.

If you still have any questions, please contact us at argentina@bigbluepople.com so you can offer different means of payment and reach more customers with Big Blue People.

Heber Hernández - @heberleo

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