Big Blue People cancela el cobro de comisiones a profesionales

The app to offer and reserve professional services in a simple and reliable way supports freelancers by canceling the collection of commissions to all those who obtain new clients through the application.

The set of independent professionals is one of the hardest hit by the economic crisis in Argentina. The pockets of freelancers and all those who live by a trade are affected by the restrictions of mandatory isolation for the prevention of Covid-19. Knowing that the solution is in the hands of technology and not putting it at the service of the community would be so selfish that, as a first measure to support this sector, Big Blue People opted to cancel the commission charge to those who offer services within its platform.

The adoption of digital sales and service channels such as those provided by this service app are essential both to open new business opportunities and to begin to reorganize the agendas of professionals in pursuit of the country's economic recovery. Based on this, the company guides its actions to strengthen the processes of the self-employed and provide technological tools to generate income during and after the pandemic to empower users who provide services from the platform.

Investing in innovative technology solutions and betting on digital transformation to promote professional ventures, independent or self-employed workers may not be economically available to everyone. Therefore, the objective of Big Blue People with this solidarity action is to connect as many clients as possible with the professionals who register on the platform at no cost to those who offer service.

Big Blue People is a platform that connects qualified professionals with clients from all over the world and its mission is to generate change: to establish a reliable market where people can offer and contract services in a safe, practical and effective way, making the most of the resources they technology allows. The community values ??each experience, which also dynamically controls the quality of each service at the time it takes place. Currently, the app has about 3,000 downloads, 700 services offered and 1,000 active users. In addition, it has approximately 550 services in the validation process.

The app is available for iOS and Android.

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