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January 16, 2019

Having a website and managing social networks is only the starting point to offer your services as a professional. Even so, nobody calls you. The solution to the low demand can be in a marketplace like Big Blue People.


What is a marketplace ? It is a website that allows sellers and buyers to interact with each other to carry out a commercial transaction. Something like a specialized directory, responsible for connecting a need with the right people to serve it.  What is the use of a marketplace as a platform to grow ? The enterprise has several stages. Planning is the first of them and comprises 1% of the work. After this moment of self-definition it is important to have allies in the implementation and dissemination phase. Big Blue People can be one of them, and you'll be sure to have technology as a tool to increase your profits by offering your own services. 

What are the advantages of being in a Marketplace like Big Blue People?

A marketplace brings innovation, expanding the marketing and commercialization channels. An SME that uses a marketplace platform is more competitive, reaching more diverse customer groups. Lower costs, interactive catalogs, more efficient strategies are other advantages for entrepreneurs that are integrated into a marketplace.

If you are looking to reduce costs for the business, joining a marketplace is a good option, as it helps to improve profits. Some examples are the lower costs associated with credit card transactions or delivery services, because a marketplace can negotiate better percentages in their favor. There are also savings in costs related to marketing, acquiring new customers, the technological platform, computer security and access to various means of payment. The reason? If a business sells products or services through its own website, it must cover all these expenses, platform investments, maintenance , security and risks, which reduces the profit margin. In the marketplace these costs are distributed and in some cases are free, as part of the offer of services and added value of the marketplace . In return, the business pays a commission to the marketplace.

A marketplace facilitates the transactions of a business and allows them to reach a larger audience. Two examples are secure online payment and e-commerce using mobile devices or m-Commerce. The mobile commerce, buying and consumption from mobile devices are reporting steady growth areas. In the case of mobile profits commerce, they were in 2014 of 50.94 trillion dollars, in 2017 of 288.12 trillion and they are estimated for 2019 in 693.36 trillion, according to data and projections of Statista *. With the growth of electronic commerce in the region and millions of billings, Internet presence becomes vital for SMEs and large companies that want to participate in the profits of this sector.

Not being on the Internet is to be invisible or not to exist in the searches carried out by consumers on the Web. A marketplace , on the other hand, brings services and products within reach of consumers. It is a platform that creates interaction channels between your company and customers, followers and suppliers. So being part of Big Blue People is your best decision, to position yourself and increase your income.

Héber Hernández
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