Feb 6th, 2019.

A memorable user experience is a powerful retention factor. In the business environment, using technology and mobile devices to offer a better service to your customers and prospects is a great competitive advantage.

Geolocation is a resource that makes visible the geographical location of a user (a professional, for example) and shows it as the ideal option to potential customers based on proximity. The criteria that a client applies to select a professional is made of several factors and proximity is, without a doubt, one of the most important. Think about it. In what gym do you sign up? Which supermarket do you choose to buy your groceries?

The Big Blue People platform uses geolocation to make recommendations based on location. With us you will have access to professionals in your neighborhood.

How can geolocation help you in your business?

  1. Improving your visibility in Google search results. This allows positioning to also improve. Such an important matter in a digital strategy.
  2. Users can share their experiences with others, thus giving greater visibility to the business. Free advertising. Your brand/service has exposure without cost.
  3. With the implementation of more effective marketing campaigns. Geolocation allows a company to send a message to a mobile phone just when it passes in front of it, inviting the potential customer to come inside and buy something. Testing with promotional codes to generate traffic could be an interesting exercise.
  4. The greatest benefit of geolocation is customer acquisition.

Jessica Escalante

Big Blue Chanteuse

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