20 February 2019

Some years ago we saw the future as a distant and cosmic entity. A little thanks to Hollywood, for sure. Today, far from the flying skateboard of Marty McFly, what mobilizes us is the construction of new social dynamics, new ways of relating to others, of working, tools and structures much more elastic and functional.

Gray offices no longer work. Rigorous schedules, endless meetings, hard and inflexible agendas are incompatible with the life of today. Because the future is today.

Some companies understand that a way to retain their staff and encourage their productivity implies incorporating leaderships based on trust, measuring the staff by results, promoting balance between professional and personal life, offering diverse and unconfined spaces for meeting, dialogue and common talk. Provide extensive benefits to the family; celebrate achievements, among other initiatives

Others are encouraged to try innovative business models such as Low Cost, which empowers the user / consumer and through technology standardizes processes that allow operating costs to be lower. The airlines are precursors of this model.

Other companies are, themselves, an innovation. Born in digital environments, they offer online services, operate in different countries and time zones, solve needs in a few clicks, connect people, provide information 24/7 anywhere in the world, provide opportunities of independent employment and promote interaction and the birth of communities based on interests. In these "platforms”, different segments coexist and the user experience is prioritized.

Big Blue People is a company of the future. Join us. Manage your times, show yourself and start working for yourself.

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