13 March, 2019

According to data from Indec, the modalities of higher labor growth in recent years belong to independent workers. Thanks to new technologies, this trend is very strong especially in millennial women

Whether you are a millennial or not, here are some recommendations for your life as a freelancer:

  • Learn to say no. That you do not have a traditional structure that supports you does not mean that you should accept everything that falls. Saying yes to everything will put you in uncomfortable situations of doing things that you do not like or that do not fit your rates. It is just supposed to be the opposite. Do not be afraid to say no. Many "yes" are coming.
  • Connect with other people who have interests in common with you. Identify profiles with which you can chat, build something together, do networking.
  • Learn constantly. Keep yourself updated.
  • Join a platform that connects you with potential clients. Offer your services there, make a good profile and show yourself. Big Blue People is the ideal place to expand your reach.
  • Understand the pros and cons of being your own boss. It is good that nobody manages you and that you adapt your schedules as you want, but you must also be disciplined, productive. Not to mention how organized with your accounts you should be. Not fun at all.
  • As your income is usually irregular, stop thinking in monthly bands. Calculate the profitability of your endeavor or project, adding up the total gain in the year and dividing by 12.
  • Do everything possible to save in the seasons of productive peaks and billing. Be prepared for the difficult months.

And what we assumed you already knew but it never hurts to say:

  • Make contracts or agreements in writing and ask for advances for your services
  • Pay your taxes and get insurance

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